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    This is Bobby (rocket nose) and Ani (spotty face). They are a 6 year old (born February 2008) super bonded Calico sibling pair currently living in Brooklyn. They need a new home!

    Both are in perfect health, good litter box manners, playful, extremely cuddly, and good eaters. They need to be re-homed due to no fault of their own. There is a new person in the household with debilitating allergies. This was a very hard decision for their person to make, but they’re just not getting the attention and affection they need in their current situation. 

    They are great with children, not great with dogs, and would be OK to live with other cats. 

    I’ve known them both since they were tiny handfuls and they are really incredibly sweet and playful and mischievous and really, really ridiculously good looking. If I could take them in I absolutely would.

    They’re not micro-chipped, but their person would absolutely assume the cost and have this done with their new person’s info. They’re up to date on all their shots and tests. Their person is willing to transport them pretty far for the perfect home - anywhere drive-able from NYC. Help with food and litter costs for the first year would also be possible if someone wanted to take them in but had limited resources.

    If you’d like more information - or more pictures! Or would just like to meet them in person (they’re in Bed Stuy in Brooklyn, a few short blocks from the A/C at Nostrand) please drop a note in my ask-box.

    Please reblog!

    Thank you!

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