Gorgeouscats is a 3 year old blog where the most high-quality cat photography is shared from around the web, and from follower submissions. None of these images belong to this blog (unless indicated) and all have proper credit attached.
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  • “I come from under the bed, and under the pillows and over the blankets my paths led. And through the blinds, I am he that walks on windowsills.

    I am the foot-finder, the sock-cutter, the stinging claws. I was chosen from my litter.

    I am he that buries his toys alive and chews them and draws them alive again from under the coach. I came from with in a bag, but no bag gets past me.

    I am the friend of treats and the guest of humans. I am hand-chewer and collar-wearer; and I am shoulder-rider.”

    - J R.R. Kitten (aka Aiden)

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